Homework is based upon one or more of the following criteria:-

• It is intended as re-enforcement of, practice in, or backup to basic classroom work.

• It involves research to be carried on at home or outside school – perhaps a geography or history assignment requiring input from adults and sometimes research & investigations.

• Finishing off pieces of class work

• Learning lines or practising for music/drama activities

• Extra work given on an individual basis as part of a programme or when required

• In Year 6 as preparation for 11+ examinations

Each piece of homework should last no more than 30 minutes.

Parents can have positive input by checking homework diaries/books and helping, (particularly Infants and younger Juniors), to plan their homework programme.

It is necessary for your child to have a quiet desk / workplace where homework can be done or left without being disturbed or interfered with by younger siblings. He/she needs encouraging to develop tidy and organised procedures involving homework and music practice. Good organisation is crucial. Forgotten or mislaid homework is a source of great frustration to child and teacher.

It is very important that homework is a positive experience and enhances our work in school. Poorly executed homework is unsatisfactory to both child and teacher. To that end, parents with any kind of question or concern regarding homework should contact the member of staff without delay.

Infant Homework

Each child has a homework diary, which is for communication between parents and teachers. The instructions for reading homework are written down and we do like you to make relevant comments about how your child has read at home. Please ensure that an adult has heard him/her read and the diary is signed to indicate the completion of the set task.

In Year 1, homework may include some written tasks set and they will begin to take home spelling words to learn. In Year 2, the children will continue to take home spelling words to learn and may be asked to do Maths, Science, Geography or History homework over the period of a few days.

All homework set is relevant to what the child is doing in class and we do not set unnecessary tasks. If any set homework is not completed please inform the teacher who set it.

Junior Homework

Junior children keep a record of all homework set in their homework diaries. Please make sure all homework is completed and if your child is unable to do so please notify the teacher who set the homework.

Children also have access to Numbots to practice their maths fluency skills in EYFS and KS1. If you’re not sure of your login details please ask your teacher.