TERMLY FEES –As from September 2023


Full time fees


Nursery Class  


  £2600 Full-time* (or £26.50 per session)

Lunchtime supervision is £5.50 per day



*The School is a registered provider under the Government Nursery Certificate Scheme for three and four year olds providing a weekly total of 15 free hours taken from within standard teaching sessions.  

 The school also accepts payment through the Tax Free Government scheme for Nursery Fees and After School Care costs for Nursery, Infant and Junior pupils.  

 These fees are fully inclusive of all tuition, compulsory equipment, curricular activities and Pupils’ Personal Accident Premiums. 

(Milk is provided free for Infants and Early Years at mid-morning break) 

 Fees may be paid by monthly standing order, (10 payments – October to July). 

After School Care

After School Care is from 4-6pm on Monday-Thursdays and 4-5:30pm on Fridays and costs:

£300 per term full-time 

£5.50 per session from 4-5pm

£10 per session if collected after 5pm. 

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club is from 7:35am and costs £230 per term or £5.50 per session for occasional use. Breakfast is included.

Early Morning Club

Early Morning Club is from 8:05am and costs £120 per term or £3.50 per session for occasional use. 

In the event of a child leaving the School (except for secondary transfer at the end of Year 6) a full term’s notice is required in writing, or a term’s fees in lieu of notice will be payable, according to the School’s registration conditions.